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Are you checking the Whelan Crossing website regularly ???

Watch this page for important news & information for all Whelan Crossing residents !!!  You never know what you might be missing !!!

Please Drive Safely !

It seems like in every newsletter we issue we remind our residents about the importance of stopping at stop signs & obeying our speed limits.

Please be considerate of your friends & neighbors and always stop at all stop signs & drive at a safe speed.  Our residents include young children, elderly, an occasional pet that may come loose, etc., who are in danger when you forget to stop at an intersection.

It’s not only considerate to drive with extreme care on our streets which are often narrowed by parked cars, it is the smart & safe thing to do.  

Thank you for driving with care EVERY time you are driving in our community!!!

Are You a Considerate Neighbor?

Living so closely to your neighbors makes it more critical than ever that we all be CONSIDERATE of everyone else in the community.  Here are a few quick ways to be a considerate Whelan Crossing neighbor:

2014 Whelan Crossing Annual

Community Yard Sale !!!

When:   Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time:    7AM until 2PM

Contact: Gary Box, 4082 Darius Dr. -  732-5259

Cost: $3 (advertising)

Info: Don’t miss out on the ONLY yard sale permitted in Whelan Crossing - the Annual Community Yard Sale. It’s a perfect time to magically convert unwanted items into GREEN !!! Anyone wanting to participate should see Gary Box in advance & pay the $3 advertising fee to participate !!! Join the FUN !!!

Annual Whelan Crossing Community

2014 Homeowners’ Association Meeting


   Date:   (Watch here for 2014 date & time !!!)

  Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

  Location: (Watch for possible location change for 2014)